Ask the Kitchen and Bath Fixtures Expert – Julie Potts

Ask the Kitchen and Bath Fixtures Expert – Julie Potts

What to Look for When Buying a Toilet

Bathroom renovations can be daunting. There are hundreds of choices to make and many play a big part into the overall look and functionality of one of the most used rooms of the house. Among the key product deci­sions to be made is the toilet selection.

The Experts® at Gerber Plumbing Fixtures share their insights on elements to look for when you choose the toilet that will make your new bathroom one to enjoy for years to come:

Performance is King. We’re sure everyone would agree that when it comes to toilets, high performance is a must in the equation. (After all, the alternative wouldn’t be pretty.) Gerber suggests paying attention to the size of the flush valve inside the tank (3 inches is the best on the market), checking to see if there is a dual siphon jet (to help get a clean bowl after each flush) and if it offers a glazed trapway (to ensure waste is easily passed through the unit each and every time). While many of these elements are on the inside of the toilet, a standard specification sheet can provide the answers.

A Comfortable Throne. The average per­son will spend more than 90 days of in their lifetime sitting on a toilet. Need­less to say it better be comfortable. But what contributes to comfort? Gerber’s compact elongated toilets have soared in popularity because of their compact design (fits in a round front space, which is perfect for smaller bathroom footprints), while providing the comfort peo­ple have come to expect from an elongated shape and extended bowl height. Also con­sider an ErgoHeight® ADA approved option. The height of the bowl sits at 17 inches, of­fering the maximum in comfort and acces­sibility.

Toilets Can be Beautiful Too. If you’ve al­ready visited showrooms and kitchen/bath retailers, you’ve probably realized that not all toilets are created equal when it comes to style. Shapes and designs definitely dictate the look of a toilet, but so too does a con­cealed trapway. According to Gerber, the concealed trapway gives the base of the toi­let a smooth, sleek and almost tailored look. You’ll appreciate the look now, and the ease of cleaning it later! For the ultimate in sleek­ness, choose a one-piece toilet.

Come and see Julie, Jordan and Brittany at the Ensuite Bath and Kitchen Showroom in Port Coquitlam. We will be happy to help you find a toilet that works best for you.

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