Ask the Facials Expert – Trina Lui


Is Valentine’s Day overrated?

I often hear both men and women dismissing this holiday as an expensive, overrated scam.  A time when roses are triple the regular price.  Diamonds, dinner dates and chocolates are too much trouble.  Girlfriends and wives often scolding their partners for “wasting” money on these frivolous things.

What if we looked at it differently?  What if Valentine’s Day and all holidays in general, acted as a reminder for us to show our loved ones; be it friend, family, or fur baby that they are truly special to us.  What if you considered the whole month of February as an opportunity to share a little bit of time with someone special to you?  How would that change your life?

Take a stroll along the seawall, grab an ice cream cone at a local creamery, or simply make a phone call to somebody who has been on your mind.  Let February be your Love month and make a commitment to share your love with someone or something special.