Ask the Truck and Car Sales Expert – Adam Isfeld


There’s a Ford for everyone’s personality, career and preference whether you’re a contractor, landscaper, baker or electrician. Being versatile is something that Ford has strived to excel in and the all new F-Series trucks, Transit Connect and full size Transit Van are nothing short of leaders in their field when it comes to versatility.


The full size Transit has a myriad of configurations and options to suit your needs.  With three different roof heights, three different engine options, three different body lengths and two different wheelbases, it simply isn’t possible that we will not be able to build you the perfect transit for your needs.  Whether you need the pulling power of our new 3.2L 5 cylinder Powerstroke Turbo Diesel with 380lb-ft of torque and 185HP, or the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine delivering up to 44% better fuel efficiency than the Ford E-series that they have replaced, the transit is sure to fit the bill.  Not only can we build you your perfect Transit here at Key West Ford, we also work closely with shelving and outfit companies who can transform the back of your van into the perfect space for your hauling needs.  Lastly, if you’re in the people business, the Transit Van comes with a 15 passenger seating option.


If the full size Transit is a little too big for your business needs there is no need to worry, the Transit Connect is sure to suit your needs. The Transit Connect is slightly smaller than a conventional minivan, but do not let that deter you as it is more than capable of handling whatever you can throw at it. With best in class maximum payload of 1,630lbs as well as best-in-class cargo room with a max cargo height of 4’1”, max width of 4’ and an amazing max length of 9’7” the Transit Connect can fit your mobile bike shop, dry cleaning delivery services or bakery delivery services, without any hesitation. Not only can the Transit Connect haul what you need. If temperature is a concern Key West Ford works closely with a company who can install a refrigeration unit to keep the contents of your van at the perfect temperature.


If hauling things in a van doesn’t suit your needs then our F-Series trucks will.  With a range of cab sizes to haul the entire crew and a range of box sizes and axle specifications, the F-Series trucks will be sure to meet your needs.  Engine options in the award winning F-150 range from a 2.7L EcoBoost, to a  3.5L EcoBoost to a 5.0L V8, between the three, one is sure to suit your needs.  Should you need a little more brute force, the F350/450 and larger come equipped with the 6.7L V8 Powerstroke diesel capable of towing over 26,000lbs.  There is nothing these trucks can’t do.

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